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What type of art do skeletons like? Skulltures!


We’re starting off October with spooky art projects! Check out the sensory table this month and play with some Googly Eye Sensory, Dinosaur Bones, Spidery Oobleck, or stop by and Feed the Monsters. You can also make some awesome “Q-Tip Skeletons”, get ready for Halloween and “Design your own Mask.” Take some time later in the month to make some holiday decorations with “Spider Weaving”, or entertain your friends and “Put on a Puppet show!”


Your brain uses a quarter of the oxygen in your body! Learn why that is and other ways your body is amazing this month as we investigate the human body.  Trick your senses and learn how important each one is at, “5 Sense Sensations.”  Dive into the world of, “Guts and Goo,” and discover your organs and their systems.  Wash your hands after, “Gross! Germs!” where we will explore the good, the bad, and the gross germs you may encounter.  Get down to the bones of it at, “Bare Bones,” learning how your skeleton keeps you tall!


***Featured Events and Programs***


“Aviation Adventures” October 1• 11am, 1pm & 3pm Future pilots wanted! Celebrate flight and all things that soar through the air during this interactive, monthly physics adventure. This month we'll explore parachutes.  Learn how air resistance and drag help a parachute work properly and some of the ways parachutes are used today.  Participants will create their own parachute and test it by launching it from the top of the Stratosphere!


“Try Science:  Be a Physicist” October 8• 11am, 1pm & 3pm

Become a junior physicist for the day as you experiment with matter and energy and the interactions between the two. Learn about Bernoulli’s Principle by designing some unique aircraft; explore momentum and friction using various ramps and cars, and experiment with chain reactions, and transfer of energy with the aid of dominoes and sports balls.” 


“Stuffee” October 15• 11am, 1pm, & 3pm

Where does your food go after you swallow it? Come join us as we embark on a journey through the digestive system with Stuffee, our 7-foot tall doll who will help us understand more about how our bodies work. Investigate activity tables to learn more about circulation and the heart, and put together a life-sized skeleton puzzle as well.


“Junior Engineers: Be an Mechanical Engineer” October 22• 11am, 1pm, & 3pm

Do you like to build things?  From the tiny sensors to car engines, from rocket ships to headphones, mechanical engineers work in many different fields to improve the products we use every day.  Create and test a zipline racer, learn more about simple machines and try them out, and use common household materials to create your own model vehicle.


“3D Printer Demonstration” October 29• 11am-3 pm

Discover the world of dimensionality! Join us as we unveil our MakerBot 3D printer on loan from Excel Business Systems Inc. Learn how the printer works, see it in action, and discover some of the many fields which use 3D printing today!


“Spooky Science” October 31• 11am-2pm

What will you do with all your Halloween candy?  Science experiments of course!  Join us as we discover some of the fascinating properties of various types of sugary treats, learn more about the sugar in your food, and investigate some additional spooooky science!



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