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Wet and Wonderful Water


This month at the Delaware Children's Museum (DCM) we are rolling up our sleeves for explorations into the many exciting properties of water!


Calling all scientists!  On Fridays and Sundays, form a hypothesis about the buoyancy of different objects and test it out in “Sink or Float,” discover the answer to the question “Does it dissolve?” as you mix various substances with water in “Soluble Solutions,” and learn how to stack colorful liquids like blocks in “Rainbow Sugar Column.”


Summer at the Delaware Children’s Museum means sunny skies, outdoor programs, and taking a dip in the pool…of oobleck!  Don’t miss our Oobleck pool, giant bubble stations, and fun art activities during our annual Summer Kick-Off on Friday, June 17th from 5pm-8pm.


Don’t forget to visit our newly opened Tree Pavilion, crawl through its-hollowed out trunk, and maybe take a picture inside!


***Featured Events and Programs***


Aviation Adventures

June 4 • 11am, 1pm & 3pm

Future pilots wanted! Celebrate flight and all things that soar through the air during this interactive, monthly physics adventure. This month we'll be making paper kites.


Try Science: Be a Marine Biologist

June 11 • 11am, 1pm & 3pm

Come make a splash as you explore the virtual ocean in our classroom with plenty of hands-on activities!  Learn more about the ocean habitat such as how waves are formed and what makes the water salty, uncover the kinds of animals that live in the different zones of the ocean, and explore the various jobs of a marine biologist.  Finally, make a stop at the DCM’s own touch tank aquarium to find out more about some of the animals living there.

Learn about the Power of Me with Stuffee!

June 18 • 11am, 1pm & 3pm

“Come meet Stuffee, our 7’ cloth doll and ambassador for good health. Stuffee unzips to reveal major organs, which makes learning about anatomy, health, and nutrition fun!”


Jr. Engineers: Explore Robotics

June 25 • 11am, 1pm, & 3pm

Join us for hands-on demonstrations and activities provided by FIRST FTC robotics team 8528 Rhyme Know Reason as we learn about what it takes to be a robotics engineer. Meet the team’s student-designed robot and learn how it performs in competition, make a “bristle bot” out of a two different kinds of brushes, use a robot to create some artwork, and design your own recycled robot friend! 


***Fun $5 after 5 Friday Night Programs***


Pirate Night

June 3 • 5pm-7pm

Arrrgh Mateys! Meet at the pirate ship for a fun-filled adventure led by the DCM’s own pirates-in-residence. Read a pirate story, learn to talk like a pirate, and construct an important tool to take with you on a museum-wide treasure hunt.


Family Game Night

June 10 • 5pm-8pm

All throughout the museum enjoy classic family games with some added DCM flavor. Challenge a friend to a game of giant checkers, play ‘plate toss tic tac toe’, jumbo Jenga and more. Then learn some new games that the whole family can enjoy together!


DCM Summer Kick Off!

June 17 • 5pm-8pm

Walk on water, blow giant bubbles, and celebrate the beginning of summer at the DCM’s 4th Annual Summer Kick Off! Join us as we officially start the summer season—DCM style—with a three hour indoor/outdoor bash for the whole family. With the museum open late ‘til 8pm, the party spills onto the streets outside with special activities that include: running across a large pool of Oobleck, making giant-sized bubbles, and cooling off in the kiddie carwash, plus more!


Tickets to the DCM Summer Kick Off are $5 per person (as always, DCM Members are FREE!) and include unlimited access to the museum and all outdoor activities from 5pm-8pm on June 17, 2016.


DCM Recycled Makerspace

June 24 • 5pm-7pm

We love to build and create new things here at the DCM, so much that we have created a makerspace! Come join us as we gather to create, invent and learn while reusing household items. You bring your imagination and we will supply everything else!

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