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Shapes and Lines that Go!


In Studio D this month, get set for some Lego stamping, create a unique string painting, construct a 3-D creation with stickits, make some creative circle art, or print with bubble wrap, all while enjoying various sensory explorations with Tangrams, pom poms, water beads, or moon sand, as well as painting on the easels.


How do you get around? By bike, plane, boat, or train? Build a boat strong enough to sail the high seas, and navigate your way around the ocean blue at “Fleet Week.”  Then fly high in the sky with different flying machines and travel to the edges of the earth during “Up in the Air.”  Race your way to the finish line and make some art with your tire tracks during “Let’s Roll.”


Finally, be sure to join us for our annual Star Wars Day, on Saturday, September 3, from 12pm-3pm May the force be with you!  Join us for a fantastic afternoon of Star Wars-themed activities as we welcome back characters from Garrison Carida, part of the 501st Legion, to the DCM.  Take a picture with a Star Wars character and participate in some Star Wars science and more!


Don't forget, the DCM will be CLOSED for maintenence Monday-Friday beginning September 6th! Join us on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-5pm all month long!


***Featured Events and Programs***


Star Wars Day

September 3 12pm-3pm

May the Force be with you!  Join the DCM and Garrison Carida 501st Legion for an afternoon of Star Wars science and fun.  Meet costumed characters throughout the museum, create your own recycled droid, explore Yoda’s swamp, bowl for Storm Troopers, use the (magnetic) force to move a car; and more!


“Try Science:  Be a Food Scientist”

September 10• 11am, 1pm & 3pm Would you like to design food for astronauts, study different kinds of soil, or learn more about insects?  A food scientist’s job can include all these things and more.  Join us for a food science adventure as we perform some kitchen experiments such as extracting iron from breakfast cereal, exploring the reaction between water and various kinds of candy, and learning how to make glowing oobleck!


Learn about the Power of Me with Stuffee!

September 17 • 11am, 1pm & 3pm

“Come meet Stuffee, our 7’ cloth doll and ambassador for good health. Stuffee unzips to reveal major organs, which makes learning about anatomy, health, and nutrition fun!”


Jr. Engineers: Be an Aeronautical Engineer

September 24 • 11am, 1pm, & 3pm

“Look!  Up in the sky…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…something designed by an aeronautical engineer!” Join us as we design and test several different kinds of aircraft, discover some of the different jobs an aeronautical engineer might perform, and explore the principles that allow different flying objects such as hang gliders, blimps, and helicopters to stay airborne.

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