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Winter Wonderland!


For the month of December we are exploring winter in Studio D! Stop each week to check out the various sensory table activities like Play Dough, Instasnow Day, Arctic Sensory, Ice Fishing, or Bubber! Create some detailed prints with our “Foam Printing” activity. Create a “Snowman Family” using a winter glove and some fun art materials Take some time later in the month and use a variety of different textured yarn and string to create some colorful “Paper Plate Weavings!” Stop by at the end of the month and practice your cleaning skills with our “Studio D Clean Up” station.


Don’t forget to visit our newest exhibit- The Cardboard Box Maze located in the Open Gallery! What can you do with a cardboard box?  Puzzle designer Dave Phillips uses them to create giant mazes!  Navigate your way through the twists and turns and discover hidden surprises along the way!







***Featured Events and Programs***


“Aviation Adventures” December 3 • 11am, 1pm, & 3pm

Future pilots wanted! Celebrate flight and all things that soar through the air during this interactive, monthly physics adventure. This month we'll learn how to make a flying ring. Make your own to take home, and learn why it can still fly, even though it doesn’t look like a traditional airplane.


“Try Science: Be a Geologist” December 10• 1pm, & 3pm

Calling all rockhounds! If you have a rock collection at home, come home with rocks in your pocket, or are curious about the different types of rocks you find at the beach or on the playground, this class is for you! Begin by viewing rock samples under the microscope to observe their different structures, choosing your own rock and performing different tests to learn more about it, and creating a Play Doh model of the earth to see its different layers.  Round out the class by learning about the rock cycle and exploding a baking soda and vinegar volcano!


 “Stuffee” December 17• 11am, 1pm, & 3pm

Where does your food go after you swallow it? Come join us as we embark on a journey through the digestive system with Stuffee, our 7 foot tall doll who will help us understand more about how our bodies work. Investigate activity tables to learn more about circulation and the heart, and put together a life-sized skeleton puzzle as well.


“New Years Rockin’ Noon” December 31

Let the countdown begin! Ring in 2017 at the DCM with a special New Year's Eve countdown celebration that won't conflict with your kid's bedtime. Grab a bag of confetti, craft your own noisy "New Year's Eve Kazoo," and help us countdown to 12PM with a rockin' DCM dance party. When the clock strikes 12-noon, brace yourself for a shower of confetti and a colorful start to a wonderful new year.


***Fun $5 after 5 Friday Night Programs***



December 2 • 5pm-8pm

Balance jump, and jog, and your way through the elements of the DCM Gym obstacle course!  Try out some stilts, hop from one river stone to the next, or aim the bean bags into the target.  Have fun practicing your agility, balance, and endurance as you get your heart pumping with some fun exercise!


Family Game Night

December 9 • 5pm-8pm

All throughout the museum enjoy classic family games with some added DCM flavor. Challenge a friend to a game of giant bowling, find the matches in a game of Memory, play ‘plate toss tic tac toe’, jumbo Jenga and more. Then learn some new games that the whole family can enjoy together!


DCM Scavenger Hunt

December 16 • 5pm-8pm

Do you have sharp eyes?  Use them to search for Winter- themed items hidden throughout the museum.  Is that a Snowflake hidden on the pirate ship?  Or a mitten on top of the slide?   Pick up an instruction sheet at the front desk when you arrive and see if you can locate all ten items during your visit!


DCM Recycled Makerspace

December 23• 5pm-7pm

We love to build and create new things here at the DCM, so much that we have created a makerspace! Come join us as we gather to create, invent and learn while reusing household items. You bring your imagination and we will supply everything else!’


Marble Rollercoasters

December 30• 5pm-7pm

Drop, swoop and loop the loop! Learn about kinetic and potential energy and momentum as you design, build, test and improve a marble roller coaster.




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