The objective of the Earth Balloon program is to develop and encourage a child's natural curiosity about his or her world through an interactive geography activity.


The Earth Balloon can fit up to 30 participants at a time. The program starts with a world tour around the outside of the balloon and discussion of various features such as continents, oceans, geographic regions and conservation.


Participants then journey inside the earth for a more in-depth exploration of topics specifically tailored for the group. Guided by the Earth Balloon facilitator and their teacher, students can explore a variety of topics including: 

  • Time Zones
  • Rain Forests
  • Weather Patterns
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Ring of Fire
  • Pollution
  • Explorers
  • Current Events
  • World Wars I and II
  • Topography
  • Scale
  • Endangered Species
  • Water Cycle and Conservation
  • Oceans
  • Continents
  • International Trade
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Lines of Longitude and Latitude

The facilitator can work with teachers to design custom lesson plans featuring the topics your class is currently studying, or concepts that your organization is exploring.


A recent survey* conducted by the National Geographic Society found that a surprising number of our nation's youth cannot grasp even very simple geographic concepts. For example 63% of young adults in the United States cannot find Iraq on a map.


Geography is a key scientific discipline, providing the basis for the study of many other subjects including the physical, natural and social sciences. It helps students appreciate the interconnectedness of the Earth's people, places and natural processes. 


*National Geographic - Roper Public Affairs 2006 Geographic Literacy Study 






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